Your Soul Workout Journal – 10/16/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

Elul 28.
The relationship between us and G.d is a partnership: Look I didn’t live up to my obligations and you didn’t live up to yours.
G.d doesn’t look for perfection: Why aren’t you as much as you could have been.
Today I’m in a pattern: I look my past notes and I realize, I wrote the same bad behavior few months ago: more than that; I fall more down the last weeks!

I wrote I send a request to my old friends. Now I stopped for around 1 month to write to them.

I wrote: I erased a bad relation love story in my heart: I was thinking to contact the man again and I send to him a Facebook request; My idea was; my situation will be probably less terrible then right now with “fictifs signs” of the “invisible man”. But, the right idea is to rebuilt something better with someone different, not to come back in the past and tolerate ” a less terrible” situation! I want to build a great situation, the better I can create!

I began to eat and eat because…I told me I want to change my body?!! Anyway; I work hard for no personnals life result; no job, no boy friend, no friends! I read my past note today:
What do you want? Circus
So do your job, it’s only that!
Why you get upset?
I have difficulty to forgive me and to forgive other.
Focus on your job: Nobody can force you to do aerial straps, you do that because you love that!

So today, with the corona crise, I write: What do you want? Do you really want to destroy you, for who? Why? You will stop your dicipline and you will fall and a chaos; the line is so small and you care about nothing for you. So maybe if you think about other around you, that could be help you: My mom called me after I was sick. She told me to take iron and to call her everyday.

ONE is the only obtion I found to live. I love aerial straps, so I just do what I love to do! Even I stop circus; I will respect a diet all my life so why I acted to become something I don’t love to be? For why? For who?


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