Your Soul Workout Journal – 10/20/2019


Your Soul Workout Journal

The Value of Adrenaline
Think of ways you can get your adrenaline naturally flowing during your normal day. Then go for it, and enjoy the focus and energy! Write about it in your MyMLC journal.
My visual arts, performance and now my songs had always definite my identity and gave a sens to my life.The fact is, with my arts, I will be able to live or survive in bad condition and live inside me like a princess. I’m able to tolerate a lot because I see nothing; I dream. Maybe that the source of the “deficit of attention”.
Few weeks ago, Something Froze my creation and my Adrenaline:
That not a new phenomenon; Around 4 years ago I thought to change my artist name: ChanteRose. I created Chanterose more than 10 years ago, when I studied in Arts; I didn’t think a lot to found this Artist name, it’s just come like that and I took it.

Now, I try to understand why I have new hesitations again. I ask G.d for he give me an answers and I think I know why; My Artist name is my purpose, that will give the way of everything I do, because my Arts reflect who I am, what I believe and what I want to fight for.
My confusion stops me:
The name will attract people, public? The Name will be able to seduce a man? I found “Shanty, Shanty” or Chantey’s song on the web I didn’t know 10 years ago. This name has already a signification in different cultures: That a Peace’s song in India or a sailor’s song while performing physical labor together. I don’t believe more than one God like the Indian people. In fact, my arts talk about New life, fire, G.d, Love the Creation and the Light. But I want to talk about the human right, the dignity for the stranger, the freedom to believe for the visitor and the protection of environment. I from Canada and it have social’s problems in the Canadian Indian people. My poems are inspiring by my life, meaningful life center and Love story, but I was surviving in America with Shelter’s Chretien and my basic education is Chretien. I hate conversion and I don’t really love not kosher food.

I want to talk about abuse situation on woman: Rose sound like Women.
“Chan” is Asiatic and my Art have Asiatic inspiration
“Y” is visual more attractive than a “E”
“E” sound like tea and tea is a part of my healthy life
I need to fixe between Chante Rose, Chany Rose, Chanty Sun, Chanty Rose, Crystal Rose, Chantey Rose.

This confusion creates a wall in my production and my diffusion, so that frozen my purpose!
Chantal Cusson; It’s my personnel life name, I think I prefer to do a distinction work production and my imagination, an imagination name.

I would like an advice, an exterior eye on that frozen situation; because one of my inspiration source is what you tell in your book and video.


Chantal Cusson


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