Your Soul Workout Journal – 10/16/2017


Your Soul Workout Journal

Question 1

My personality
energetic, analytical, direct, positve

Question 2 5 most dominant interests
Bible teaching, counselling, environment, art, music.

Question 3 Character – virtues, vices, strengths, weaknesses
Very focused on the truth, if something is right. I want to see things happen. Self started. Motivate others. See the potential in others. Focused on high quality in work. Efficient, productive. I am determined to grow. Thinker. Doer. Want to help others. Good at communication.

Growing in patience. legalistic sometimes. Not patient with slow speed and others sin. Want good communication. Growing in interacting with people. Being slower and kind with them.

Question 4: List the past four opportunities that opened doors for you. Who facilitated those opportunities?
Work – Swaziland job – someone that respects my work.
Art – someone I know posted on fb
Music – I wanted to start doing it for my children.
Counselling – the books came on my path and I developed an interest in it.

Question 5
what opportunities would you like to have open to you? Time for art. More challenging work. more counselling and learning it. teaching opportunities. nurturing others. Supporting Norman.

Question 6
Who are the people you most often deal with? List the greatest joy and the greatest challenges in dealing with them. Norman – no greater joy to deal with him generally. Challenge – when I am more strict with the children that he is.
Simon – joy – his encouraging nature. challenge – slack to do homework, music, etc.
Ruben – joy – his ease to do homework. challenge – slack to do chores. His emotion of anger and stubbornness.

Q7 Admire about mentor? what qualities should mentor have? to encourage me through my difficulties. To be positive and energetic. Not fearful of anything. Pointing me to God always. Direct with my faults.

Q8: List the places where you have lived. What possibilities did each offer you?
Pretoria – art with aunt, difficulty of father, to process, education, parents and family, grand-parents to mentored and educated me, music. Zimbabwe – art, discipline, interaction with children, working through fear of war, creativity of the garden and the outdoors.
Windhoek – marriage, children, work, creativity at some stages, outdoors, camping, interaction with others nurturing them.

Q9LIst the places you have travelled to. what changed in you? What did you learn?

Europe – creativity, beauty, bargaining, my patience levels.
Mozambique – I can do things on my own, I can overcome difficulties. I enjoy the outdoors. I can travel in any mode.
Travelled so much – investigating new things. Coping with different cultures, etc.


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