Your Soul Workout Journal – 12/19/2021


Your Soul Workout Journal

“My Land”
My land is cold that affect mind & body.
In my land we need to do audition to work in the steet like an artist.
In my land people don’t talk or express a lot their feith or opinion in the street.

“Home of your parents”
My father was an aventure trangry.
My father was impulsif, irespectful and
My mom love security and confort.
My mother was a tolerate woman without confident told us to pray. She lived a bad situation when she’d feeling her life was in danger.

I don’t understand my problem; I don’t know if something doesn’t work in my brain, in my heart or in my nerves.

The governement cut -500$ my social insurance because I did money in September & october. I decide to stop to be self worker and I would tell that in november & december I did no money to be abble to receive 800$ next month. The show today was cancel but I will do a start feary and I will gave gift to childreen; I will ask for a salary job like hotess and the possibility to perform one time a month with my aerial act.

I’m tired, ecxausting and confused. I stooed to work on my arts project for financial reasons and I feel confuse because of that. I want money to be able to do a video if my aerial; I’m not anymore able to work without coach.

I will call rabby jacobson this week.


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