Your Soul Workout Journal Chava Berg – 01/11/2022


Your Soul Workout Journal

In my work with Alzheimer’s seniors, I have to work on “not losing it” after the tenth time they ask the same question or want me to do for them the same impossible favor, like cutting open that uncomfortable cast, finding their pillow/necklace/phone etc. I have to exercise my “LOve muscle” on these occasions and realize that they forgot they asked me just a few minutes ago, that they sincerely and innocently ask because they are helpless and see me as someone competent, that their distress is all-encompassing and leaves no room for anything else, that they do not ask because they are inconsiderate or malicious but now-oriented and self-focused.
About publishing my book: remember why I wrote it in the first place & that nobody will have any pleasure from it if it just sits in my computer – not a single JEwish child and not any of my grandchildren!


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