Your Soul Workout Journal Steven Trisel – 09/06/2017


Your Soul Workout Journal

170906.WE | I’m learning that experience is the best teacher and that life is not always about being “right” or “righteous.” What is more important than being right or having the right beliefs is being kind and compassionate when interacting with others. In order to treat others differently it is necessary to see them differently, i.e., to see them as you wish to be seen as unique souls who desire to be accepted for who they are rather than as merely tolerated. Each human being, within their bodily vehicle, was made in the image of G-D and granted the gift of Self-existence. Each person has also been given, within limits, the power to make choices and decide where they want to go and do at every moment in the ever-present Now (located between two imagined infinities, Past and Present). Each choice we make opens a door to a specific path that leads to where we are at any given moment in the Present, where we’ve been in the Past, and where we may be going in the Future. Each choice also precludes what “might have been,” that only imagination may speculate upon (but may also be cause for reflection). Speaking metaphorically, the multiverse of experience is full of potentiality, but choice causes the wave function of experience to collapse and become our own personal Actuality or Reality. When one is disconnected from G-D, he or she may fail to see the love The Creator has for us (especially as expressed in the beauty and wonder of nature), and may fail to reach their highest potential for bliss, joy and happiness in this life despite being in a partly hostile world (the “strange admixture” of light and dark, good and evil, etc.). I’m still searching for my ultimate ‘purpose’ or ‘mission’ as I move forward, but as I consume the sweet fruit of your teachings, light is being shed on this question and I am extremely grateful for you making them available. I’m currently not working, but, G-D willing, will soon start a new job again next week and will be able to contribute at least a little something financially in the days ahead. In the meantime, I sincerely wish to thank everyone involved in the free resources made available through the Meaningful Life Center! They have been an awesome blessing!


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