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Beyond Etiquette: How to Be a Better Person 4-Part Webinar

Presenter: Rabbi Simon Jacobson

“Our greatest blind spot is seeing our true personalities; the secret to all growth is examining and perfecting our characters”

This webinar will provide you with an x-ray of your psyche and offer practical methods and new tools to improve your spiritual health and welfare. It would seem that we are freer than we’ve ever been, conquering time and space with the internet, iphones, and digital do-it-alls. But are you freer in your relationships, free of fear, anger, inhibitions or other emotional blocks? Is your personality and attitude getting in the way of realizing your aspirations and dreams? Do you feel that you have tapped
your potential?

The unique Jewish custom called “Sefirat Ha’Omer” is a thousand year old Kabbalistic program that offers us a unique opportunity to look at ourselves in new ways and to access hitherto untapped reservoirs embedded within our characters.

In this unique 4-part seminar, Renowned spiritual healer, Rabbi Simon Jacobson will lead us through this fascinating experience of emotional character refinement, and apply this exploration to four areas of our lives:

1) Your personal mission
2) Your relationship with your spouse and family
3) Your business
4) Your relationship with G- d

Just as our bodies are in need of periodic physical check-ups, our soul needs to be examined from time to time.  In this unique 4-part webinar, you will get an x-ray of your soul. Explore the inner workings of your psyche, and discover new ways to enhance their performance. Learn which areas are deficient and require supplements, which are adequate and can use some tinkering and reinforcement and which are in tip-top shape.

Part 1. Chesed, Gevurah – Explore the state of your two central forces: love and discipline
Part 2. Tiferel, Netzach – Explore the power of your empathy and ambition
Part 3. Hod, Yesod – Explore your ability to yield and to bond
Part 4. Malchut – Explore your sense of inner dignity and worth
Part 5. BONUS

What you will get out of the webinar:

  • Dissect your psyche’s 49 building blocks and gain a new perspective on your personality
  • Discover practical methods and new tools to radically improve your emotional life and relationships
  • Nourish each part of your character, strengthen the weaker parts and reinforce the stronger ones
  • Downloadable comprehensive study guide, with new exercises to grow emotionally and spiritually
  • Delve deeper into the story behind the story of Rabbi Jacobson’s classic, A Spiritual Guide to Counting the Omer

This webinar is designed for all individuals:

  • Searching for meaning
  • Of all spiritual beliefs and faiths
  • Looking for positive transformative tools
  • Trying to gain a deeper and more personal understanding of the Sefirat Ha’Omer
  • Dealing with a spiritual crisis or looking to fill a spiritual void
  • Wanting to expand spiritual strengths and self awareness

Discover practical methods and tools to radically improve your emotional life for a special offer of $30. Register for the webinar now and get instant access.

Course Materials

  • Omer Webinar E-Book
  • Omer Webinar Study Guide