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Reincarnation and Afterlife

Presenter: Simon Jacobson

Where does the soul go to when you die? It’s a very distorted question. The premise is false. Imagine a discussion between a refrigerator and electricity. The refrigerator is plugged in and it’s cooling food. Now suddenly the plug is pulled and the refrigerator says to the electricity, “Where do you go when the plug is pulled?” Electricity says, “What do you mean, ‘where did I go’? Where did you come from? You’re a little box that was just created in the last century; I’ve been around from the beginning of time and I’m everywhere. They created a box to hold me. You’ve contained me. You’ve confined me in your box and you’ve become a cooling agent.”

Explore the rarely discussed topic of Reincarnation and Afterlife and uncover mysteries of your soul’s fascinating journey with our 2-part webinar.   

  • Where does the soul reside before and after life on Earth?
  • What type of existence does the soul have in the afterlife? Do we meet our families and friends there?
  • What does the future hold?
  • Are we reincarnations of previous lives? Will we reincarnate in future lives?
  • In what forms of life does reincarnation manifest itself? Could we have been animals or vegetables in a previous life?
  • What memories do our souls carry?
  • How does all this knowledge impact our lives today?

Learn the language and nature of your soul, and it will transform how you see your life.