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Transforming Your Community With Chassidus

Presenter: Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Learn how to apply the methodology of Chassidus and make it indispensably relevant to every person in your community – as effectively captured in Rabbi Jacobson’s classic Toward a Meaningful Life.

  • How would life be different without the — Alter Rebbe — Tanya — The Ten Sefirot — Ohr Ein Sof — and the many other themes of Chassidus?
  • Using texts and methodology, present Chassidic ideas as a practical blueprint for addressing personal, emotional and psychological concerns of everyone.
  • Examine three of the Alter Rebbe’s breakthrough innovations in Jewish thought and human psychology.
  • Utilize Chassidus to transform your teaching, communication skills, fundraising, public speaking and virtually every aspect of your shlichus.The webinar will be presented in an exclusive online classroom complete with study texts and key points which can be easily followed, plus an e-book with further learning skills. Space is limited. First come, first serve.