Kabbalah of the Zodiac



Each of the twelve Hebrew lunar months exudes unique energy.

Learn the secrets of your soul and corresponding energies hidden in your Hebrew (lunar) birthday month.

Tishrei – Libra: The Month of Renewal

Cheshvan – Scorpio: The “Empty” Month

Kislev – Sagittarius: Tiferet – Secret of Harmony

Tevet – Capricorn: The Light Within Darkness.

Shevat – Aquarius: Joseph; Pitcher (Aquarius); Flexibility

Adar – Pisces: The Power of Joy

Nissan – Aries: The Month of Redemption

Iyar – Taurus: The Power of Human Initiative

Sivan – Gemini: Unifying Twin Realites – Matter and Spirit

Tammuz – Cancer: Summer Paradoxes: Highs and Lows

Menachem Av – Leo: Understanding Negative Energy

Elul – Virgo: The Month of Love


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