Can Joy be Measured?
[Parshat Ki Tissa]



Ah, joy! Happiness! Who among us can’t use a little more joy in our lives? Wouldn’t it be nice to be a happier person? But the how seems far more challenging than the what. How can we become more joyful? What can we do to discover happiness?

In truth however, the what is actually as. if not more, important than the how. Because after all, if we don’t understand the true nature and persona of joy, how can we expect to find joy? If you don”t know what you’re looking for how can you find it? So what exactly is joy and happiness? What are its ingredients?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Purim Katan (small Purim) workshop and discover the mystery behind the “smallness” of Purim: What does a “small” Purim even mean? Can joy be measured in terms of small and large? Learn what the “small” Purim teaches us about the key to finding true and lasting happiness.


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[Parshat Ki Tissa]”

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