3333 Years From Sinai: Why is Israel Still Burning?



Just as some of us thought that the situation there was stabilizing, the peace accords showing promise of a brighter future for the region, we suddenly are rudely met with this barrage of rocket attacks and violence shaking the holy land…

And all this in the wake of the Meron tragedy, in which 45 souls were ripped away from us. What is going on? How are we to react?

You won’t want to miss this special pre-Shavuot presentation by Rabbi Simon Jacobson, as he addresses both the larger picture and historical roots of this crisis, as well as how it informs the smaller, immediate picture of the here and now. Did you know that these conflicts go back over 3800 years? That they are based on deep ideological and spiritual tensions? Only by understanding the broader context of these battles can we hope to diffuse them and find a permanent solution.

Take a journey back 3333 years ago to Sinai, and come away with a new clarity and perspective, as well as practical things we each can do to help the situation and ultimately bring true peace to all.


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