A New Way to Solve Problems
[Parshat Kedoshim]



How do you solve a problem? When faced with difficulties we all have our different approaches. Some — perhaps most of us — first go into denial, dismissing or minimizing a sensitive or uncomfortable situation. Many prefer avoiding confrontation even when doing so can lead to graver consequences. Once we are forced to address a problem, we also differ in our methodologies. Some take (at least initially) the symptomatic route, addressing the symptoms — what can be called the band-aid approach (patching up a bleeding wound; taking a painkiller to relieve a headache). While this remedial medicine may work for certain situations, there are predicaments which require a more root-based or preventive approach, addressing the core of the issue, not just its symptoms. This root based approach is meant to permanently solve the problem at its source.

But at the end of the day, no matter what approach you employ, we usually think of problems in this context: Try the minimal approach, and if that doesn’t work, aim for a more comprehensive strategy. Try going below, and if that doesn’t work go above.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this groundbreaking Beis Iyar/Lechatchila Ariber workshop and discover a new approach to solving problems. Initiated by the Rebbe MaHarash, this method declares: “Conventional wisdom states that if you can’t go below, go above; I say go above in the first place!” Learn how to apply this novel modality into your life, offering a transcendent and revolutionary approach to tackling any problem you face.


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[Parshat Kedoshim]”

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