A Personal and Spiritual Guide to Gimmel Tammuz



Transforming this Enigmatic Day into Action By Simon Jacobson

What can we say about Gimmel Tammuz? How do we explain – to ourselves and to others – this difficult day?

As we approach the challenging day of Gimmel Tammuz, we humbly offer you a new e-guide, which promises to give you relevant and meaningful thoughts to share with your community in connection with this day.

  • Addressing the paradoxes of Gimmel Tammuz as they span history
  • Suitable for your classes, sermons or lectures related to Gimmel Tammuz
  • Two powerful presentations on the Rebbe
  • Discusses themes of the related parshiyos: Motzei Shabbos Parshas Korach (challenging a Rebbe) and the first day of Parshas Chukat (death and life).


  1. What is Gimmel Tammuz?
  2. The First 21st Century Leader: 5 Principles of the Rebbe To Change Society
  3. Why Do We Need a Rebbe?
  4. Personal Encounters
    >> A Soul Waiting to be Released
    >>  Earning The Right To Become A Chassid
    >>  What is a Rebbe? A Friend
    >>  The Secret to Effective Communication
  5. “I Have Done All I Can”


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