Acharei – Kedoshim Sermon Package



Get four complete and original sermons for Parshat Kedoshim (or purchase them individually)

1. What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Who is more religious? One who keeps all 612 mitzvahs, except one: “love your fellow as yourself” – or someone who fulfills only this one mitzvah? The fascinating answer addresses the sad reality of some who in the name of their piety are judgmental and condescending to those unlike themselves. A moving and definitive story about unaffiliated Jews, a brilliant explanation from the Tanya of Hillel’s answer to the would-be convert and several fascinating anecdotes – all demonstrate the true, and surprising, meaning of Torah and love.
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2. Timeless Jewish Parenting Advice
How do we deal with conflicts between parents and children? We find surprising insights to this dilemma in this week’s Torah portion, which juxtaposes two mitzvot: respecting parents and observing Shabbat. Which takes precedent?
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3. Are We All Strangers?
What should our response be when strangers die in a far-away place? We usually think of compassion as a righteous act of mercy, as being sensitive to those less fortunate. Yet, in this week’s  Torah person, which bids us to love the stranger we learn the meaning of true compassion.
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4. Do You Ever Lie About Your Weight?
Usually, we associate honesty to the right way of dealing with others. Do not steal, do not lie, do not cheat another person. But how about being dishonest with yourself? In this Torah chapter we learn about honest weights and measures, which teaches how not to deceive ourselves.
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