Anti-Semitism on the Rise: Is History Repeating Itself?



Many people are alarmed by the recent rise of anti-Semitic threats and attacks. Whether this is connected to events in Israel and the general racial unrest and polarization in this country is debatable. Regardless, any accelerated anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence is certainly a cause for concern for all of humanity. Unequivocally, like the “miner’s canary”, hatred toward Jews has historically been a harbinger of troubles for all innocent people.

Over the years, a school of thought has developed that we should indeed be concerned with history repeating itself, the argument being that Jews are never safe. While there may be temporary lulls of peace and calm, as in the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry or pre-World War Europe, anti-Semitic violence always comes back to rear its ugly head.

However, there is another school of thought. Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he passionately takes on this critical issue, and presents a radically different approach: While we need to be vigilant, and take strong measures to protect and defend ourselves, we must also realize that the world has become a better place for Jews and for the entire human race. This approach will guide us to discover ways to eradicate the root of anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred once and for all, enabling us to look forward to a brighter future — a future of personal and global redemption.


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