Are You Forgetful? 5 Secrets to a Better Memory
[Parshat Vayikra]



Some dance to remember, some dance to forget. Despite the sentiment, in most areas of life most of us would like to be less forgetful and more retentive. But how? What causes us to forget things? And what is the secret to remembering?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this well, memorable, Zachor/Memory workshop as he shares his experiences as a “chozer” (remembering hours upon hours of the Rebbe’s talks) and discover the five secrets to a better memory. Learn surprising facts about how your mind works, and counterintuitive ways to engage the mind in retaining far more than you could ever imagine. Find out how memory is related much more to the power of listening than to the power of thinking, how listening is all about absorbing and how becoming a better listener will transform your life and your relationships.


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[Parshat Vayikra]”

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