If You Could Ask For Anything You Want, What Would It Be?



If you could ask for anything you want, what would it be? Think and deliberate before answering. Your knee-jerk natural reaction may be to ask for an immediate need. For instant gratification. For something that may fleetingly relieve a symptom. But upon deeper reflection you will realize that these requests are all temporary and short-lived. If you have the opportunity to ask for anything, you want to make the most of it and ask for something permanent and eternal. For something on the root level, which will resolve many other issues. A core matter which will bring many resulting benefits and results.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson In this candid pre-Yom Kippur talk and discover how this challenging question (what you would ask for when given the opportunity to make any request) can provoke us to really think about what truly matters, as opposed to the many meaningless things we are involved in. Learn to distinguish between the superficial and the essential in our lives. And there’s no better time to contemplate and ponder on this question than during this introspective High Holiday season.`


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