Avoiding Passing Our Own Trauma to Our Children



One of our great challenges is to protect our relationships and children from the traumas and negative experiences that have misshaped our lives. We want to avoid projecting and passing on our fears and insecurities; we don’t want them to cloud or pollute our existing and future relationships.

But how can we achieve that? As subjective people who are prejudiced by our life experiences, how can we transcend them and not bring them into our interactions? How can we give our children and spouses the best of us, unmuddled by our pasts?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he teaches us how to navigate from a darkened past into a brighter future, from a dysfunctional childhood into healthy relationships. Discover methods to separate the silver from the dross, to learn from our challenges — to get beyond the ghosts and skeletons in our closets and build powerful, dynamic and wholesome relationships.


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