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No Time to Wait

Which of these two statement sounds like you: Why do something today, if you can do it tomorrow? Or the exact opposite: Why do something tomorrow if I can do it today?

Question to a procrastinator: Are you a procrastinator? Answer: I’ll get back to you on that.

Procrastination is a silent enemy within many of us, whose consequences often remain unknown forever. How many opportunities may have been lost due to our dawdling?

But then again, not everything has to be rushed. There are times when we need to deliberate carefully and take our time before making a decision. How then do we distinguish between unhealthy procrastination and necessary deliberation?

We are now entering the last month of the Hebrew year, called Elul – our last chance to account for the year and repair any errors – a time of urgency (when there is no longer time to procrastinate) as well as introspection.

The Baal Shem Tov offers us a new take on the month of Elul – as the ultimate antidote to procrastination. And in the process deciphers a mysterious statement made by Judah in the Bible. And also teaches us a new form of procrastination: the healthy sort.


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