Issue 2 | Parshat Behaalotcho | Wanderings



The Power of Your Every Step

Do you ever feel like you are a wandering soul? Not really sure what brings you from one place to the next? Have you ever wondered why you live in a particular location – what circumstances brought you to your present place of residence, and what circumstances led your parents to the places you grew up in? Why each of our life trajectories are different?

The Jewish people have been wandering for thousands of years. From the time Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise, it seems that our history has been one long wandering journey. From the time Abraham took his first journey – “lech lecho” – every one of his children, grandchildren and descendants, generation after generation, until this very day, have wandered from place to place, from city to city, from country to country, from one hemisphere to another.

The Torah is basically a story of wandering – reflecting the wanderings of the Jewish people throughout history. And where is the greatest emphasis on these wanderings? In this week’s Torah chapter, Behaalotcho.

In this week’s insight, the Baal Shem Tov offers us a revolutionary perspective into the deeper meaning of our life wanderings – one that reveals an extraordinary viewpoint on our own lives today.


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