Issue 36 | Parshat Yitro | To Touch the Essence



On Being Real

A humorist once said: There are people who know the price of everything but the value of nothing.

We can spend all our lives searching for the truth. Here and there we may get a glimpse. But then there are moments of truth: experiences when we touch the core essence. And they change us forever.

What is greater: Occupying all the floors of a 100 story building, or controlling a little piece of its foundation? Who has more impact on an audience or an individual – the person with a louder voice, better jokes, smoother language, or the one who touches the heart of the listeners? Why is it that one who loves money is never sated by it?

There are people who touch and acquire everything. Some who have the wealth and the power to grasp anything they so desire. They can purchase anything they want, go anywhere they please, fulfill their every whim. They know the price of everything. But do they touch anything? Are they touched by anything?

In this week’s insight, based on the first word of the Ten Commandments (in this week’s Torah portion), the Baal Shem Tov teaches us the secret of grasping and touching the essence: When you grasp even a very small part of it, you grasp it all


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