Issue 38 | Parshat Terumah | Your True Template



The Mishkan in You

Have you ever uncovered an engraved stone deeply buried in layers of moss or grime? Or a hidden pattern concealed in the secret annals of history? Few things compare to the thrill of discovering a hidden treasure embedded in the earth or underwater or a long-lost message forgotten over the ages.

How would you feel if you were able to reveal what you really look like beneath the surface and under the layers and elaborate defense mechanism that conceal your inner you?

In this week’s insight, the Baal Shem Tov, teaches us how to do exactly that. Each of us was crafted and shaped in a particular pattern. Beneath the projected surface of our lives we each are shaped by a divine template. Life and all its pressures and challenges covers our template with layers of dirt and grime, to the point that your inner schematic cannot be seen, concealed by many coatings and deposits that have accumulated over the years of life’s wear and tear. By identifying your template and then acting accordingly we realign ourselves with our quintessential archetype model in which we were initially shaped.

Why do we read about the building of the Divine Sanctuary in our weekly Torah portion? Because it is a microcosm of each one of us, teaching us how to align our lives with our inner template and become living Temples.


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