Bamidbar: Heads and Hats



It’s all coming to a head. Quite literally.

And on that head resides a hat.

What is the inner meaning of a hat? What is the inner meaning of a head? How do heads and hats relate? Your hat has a brim. Does your head brim with knowledge?

In this week’s Torah reading, Moses counts heads. Moses also counts skulls. Is there a difference?

The answer lies in two Talmudic passages – one about heavy heads and prayer, the other about saying Shalom prior to praying. And, in the course of examining that answer, we discover that the goal is less about keeping the game in our heads than it is about keeping our heads in the game.

As this Shabbos leads us into the holiday of Shavuot, this sermon will inspire your listeners to hold their heads up high. And to hold the world up higher. This sermon will guarantee that they will never quit while they are ahead, and it will give them a head-start.

It is time to head inside.


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