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Get six complete and original sermons for Parshat Bamidbar (or purchase them individually)

1. The Road Less Traveled: How To Own Your Judaism?
Would you prefer to follow an age-old tradition, or your own unique voice and individuality? Would you rather be a conformist or a pioneer? Sinai provides us with the formula to achieve a synthesis of both: The benefits of a time-tested system and the passion of its personal relevance to our lives today?
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2. Are You Indispensable?
In a world of 7.5 billion people, what value can a single person possibly have? The census in this week’s Torah portion teaches us about the the indispensable value of every human life – a lesson that is especially relevant today, in our highly technological and depersonalized world.
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3. Heads and Hats
This Shabbos, which leads right into Shavuot, we read about Moses counting heads. What lessons does this census offer us? Why do we count heads? The answer lies in two Talmudic passages – one about heavy heads and prayer, the other about saying Shalom prior to praying, teaching us that the goal is less about keeping the game in our heads than it is about keeping our heads in the game.
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4. What is the Language of the Desert?
Bamidbar, the name of this week’s Torah reading, is rooted in the word midbar, which means “desert.” Midbar also means speaker. the common denominator between the two contains the secret to communication: traveling through a desert to the Promised Land. Turning a desert into a dessert.
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5. The Ceder and the Date Palm
Based on the Midrash on this week’s Torah portion, which cites the Psalm “A tzaddik will flourish like a date palm; he will grow tall like a cedar in Lebanon,” we examine two types of Jews: The cedar and the date palm. Each has their particular qualities,  one stands tall, the other flourishes. What type are you?
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6. Together as One
What does G-d want from us – to be like everyone else or to be unique? To be a carbon copy of our neighbors or to be like no one that has ever lived before and will ever live again? This week we learn that as we travel in the wildernesses of life, we have the power to access exclusive talents and abilities that no one else possesses.
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