Bechukotai: Threshers, Harvesters & Sowers



How would you define your personality type? Are you a thresher? A harvester? Or a sower? Perhaps you are all three?

Say what?

In this week’s Torah reading, G-d promises: “Your threshing will last until the harvest, and the harvest will last until the sowing…” But what does this agriculturally backward blessing actually come to teach us?

A creative and enlightened interpretation by the great Chassidic Master, Sfat Emet, explains this blessing as defining (in the proper order) the three levels of tzaddikim and, indeed, the three types of people and three steps to all manner of productivity.

He says that threshing will lead to the harvest, which will lead to the sowing of life and light. For: 1) threshing is discerning between the wheat and the chaff, the digestible and the indigestible, the good and the bad; 2) harvesting is the ability to receive and embrace G-d’s gifts of sustenance; and 3) sowing is the act of spreading the blessings you have received.

Your personality may be naturally inclined to one of the above, but with a little work, you can accomplish all three, turning the mundane earth of life into a dynamic garden for the Divine.


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