Behaalotcha: The Secret to Creating Lasting Impact



What is the secret to creating lasting impact? How do you teach your children/students so that the lessons you seek to impart don’t just inspire but become integrated in their very being? What is the formula of a proper values education? How do you ignite a soul so that it goes on to illuminate the world?

It is far easier to inspire and get inspired than to sustain that inspiration and integrate its lessons into our lives. We can get excited, but what do we do after the honeymoon is over, when the energy dissipates?

The Torah answers all these questions, in this week’s portion, with one unusual word choice – b’haalotecha.

A moving story about the sensitivity of a child, the mystery of a butterfly’s wings, the nature of human behavior and the power of a single word in Torah – all combine to teach us the secret of true education and of creating permanent change.


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