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Get six complete and original sermons for Parshat Behaalotecha (or purchase them individually)

1. Secret Formula for Protection
Life can often be quite difficult. Who among us has not had to contend, at times, with the tentacles of darkness? This week’s Torah reading, in a cryptic section consisting of two verses – which we recite to this day every time the ark is opened in the synagogue – provides us with a relevant answer and a practical approach to facing life’s difficulties.
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2. The Secret to Creating Lasting Impact
What is the secret to creating lasting impact? How do you teach your children/students so that the lessons you seek to impart don’t just inspire but become integrated in their very being? How do you ignite a soul so that it goes on to illuminate the world? The Torah answers all these questions, in this week’s portion, with one unusual word choice – b’haalotecha.
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3. Free Fish or Free Love?
Jews like free things. And they like to kvetch. Or so goes the stereotype. As soon as they began traveling in the desert, the Jews started to complain: We remember the fish that we ate in Egypt free of charge… This puzzling complaint contains the answer to the question: “Why can’t I just live my life ‘free of charge,’ without commitment to carrying the burden of Torah and mitzvos?”
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4. A Lesson in Addiction
Cravings (or addictions) are so dangerous because we think we can stop anytime we want. A fascinating Torah narrative – about falling quail and a geographical location known as “the Graves of Craving” – teaches us a timeless lesson about our lives today, and how to overcome any addiction that may imprison us.
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5. Does G-d Need Our Mitzvot?
Why would G-d, the source of all light, need our light? Why would G-d need our divine acts? So why did He give us mitzvot to do? The answer lies in the mitzvah of kindling the Menorah, which the Midrash explains via an eye-opening analogy of a sighted person and a blind person.
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6. The Power of Every Step: A New Take on Summer Travel
Do you ever feel like a wandering soul? Not really sure what brings you from one place to the next? The Torah is basically a story of wandering – reflecting the wanderings of the Jewish people throughout history. And the greatest emphasis on these wanderings is in this week’s Torah reading, which offers us a revolutionary perspective into the deeper meaning of our life wanderings.
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