Behaalotcho: A Lesson in Addiction



Do you bury your cravings or do your cravings bury you?

Cravings (or addictions) are so dangerous because we think we can stop anytime we want. We say, “Nah, don’t worry, stop pestering me, I can stop doing it anytime I want.”

A fascinating Torah narrative – about falling quail and a geographical location known as “the Graves of Craving” – teaches us a timeless lesson about our lives today, and how to overcome any addiction that may imprison us.

Moreover, a teaching of the Baal Shem Tov, based on the 14th century Kabbalistic text, Brit Menucha, redefines everything we have ever known about addiction, craving, and lets us know that, sometimes, getting lust is required before you get found.


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