Behar: Organic Gardening, the Jewish Way



A magnificent story about a famous gardener, who hands over his garden to his sons on his deathbed, teaches us a most fruitful lesson for our personal lives.

What does he do to ensure that his sons work the field and produce delicious fruit? How does he guarantee that his children will turn the earth into heaven?

His solution, as well as a teaching from the Zohar, which discusses light, gardens and gardeners, will help make the commandment of Shemittah, the Sabbatical year, relevant to our modern-day (non-agricultural) lives.

As we learn in this sermon, there are two types of growth: active and passive. Within their difference lies the secret of planting, sowing and reaping. And it is a secret we must discover if we are to fulfill our mission on earth. For the Creator of the Universe expects that we, His children, will cultivate His garden, and in so doing, will sow and reap the most sublime fruit.


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