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Get five complete and original sermons for Parshat Behar(or purchase them individually)

1. Raising the Mountain
The name of this week’s Torah portion, Behar, “on the mountain,” offers us powerful life lessons. The sages consider a mountain to be a state of growth within the inanimate (tzomeach she’b’domem). What does this teach us? How do we turn the monotonous into the mountainous? Have you reached your peak?
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2. Sinai and the Internet
Should we ban the Internet from our homes? The question is surprisingly not new. The first information revolution – which took place 3,331 years ago – offers astonishing lessons about dealing with today’s technology. What does the Internet have with Sinai rings like the opening question on this week’s Torah portion.
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3. Jews and Jubilation
Are Jews liberals? What is a true liberal? The answer lies in the inscription on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, which cites a verse in this week’s Torah portion! Come, let us learn the secrets within the Jubilee Year – emphasis on the “Ju” – and allow ourselves to be free as a bird. 
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4. Organic Gardening, the Jewish Way
A magnificent story about a famous gardener, who hands over his garden to his sons on his deathbed, teaches us a most fruitful lesson for our personal lives. What does he do to ensure that his sons work the field and produce delicious fruit? His solution, as well as a teaching from the Zohar, will help make the commandment of Shemittah relevant to our modern-day (non-agricultural) lives.
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5. Israel’s Secret Weapon
What protects Israel? What is the secret weapon allowing it to vanquish all its adversaries? The answer is revealed in this week’s Torah reading.  Long ago, Jews have mastered the art of self-defense. We know very well what we stand against. But what do we stand for?
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