Bereishit: War In Israel: What We Must Do



As a wave of killings and stabbings sweeps across Israel, attacking innocent men and women, can any person of integrity stand on the sidelines ignoring these inhumane events? Can we hide behind the excuse that there is nothing we can do?

When Arabs roam Israeli streets wielding knives and screwdrivers to stab and kill any Jew they can target, rest assured the rest of the world is not far behind.

When Israel, the heart of the world, bleeds, the rest of the world body begins to weaken, bleeding as well.

What can we do to help the situation in Israel? What must we do to protect us all? How can one single person affect events across the globe?

The answer is in this week’s Torah portion – the opening of Genesis, which we read as we begin the New Year following the rich holiday season.

This blunt sermon offers key talking points to guide and inspire your community with practical, actionable deeds to help mobilize them in these trying times for the Land of Israel and, its people, all of us the Children of Israel.

When Israel is at war, you and I shall join the ranks, herald the troops, and answer the call.

It is the only way to bring peace and light into the world.


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