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1. How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take To Change A Dark Mood?
Have you ever woken up in a dark mood? Or something at work – or home – just gets you down? How to get out of the shadows? How to see the light when plagued by darkness? This week’s Torah portion contains the answer.
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2. Are You a Warrior? A Formula to Deal with Anxiety
Anxiety is prevalent today perhaps more than ever. Studies show that  anxiety disorders today affect 18% of the adult population of the United States, or about 40 million people!  This week’s Torah portion offers us a fascinating formula to counter fear and anxiety.
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3. Is There Hope on the Dark Side of the Moon?
The mystics explain that Moses was struggling with some of the fundamental dilemmas of existence as they are reflected in the birth of the new moon – in particular, how to deal with pain and loss. What he learned offers us vital lessons about our own struggles.
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4. Learning to Negotiate
Negotiation is part science, part art. Knowing when to hold firm and where to bend is essential to success. Fear plays an important role in this process. When either negotiating party senses fear in its adversary, it gains the advantage. This week’s Torah reading, Parshat Bo, meaning “Come,” reveals how do we build confidence and succeed.
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5. Midnight Mystique; The Moment of Choice
What is it about midnight? Whether you are a night owl or not midnight connotes intrigue. The power of midnight, like so many other phenomena, is rooted in this week’s Torah portion, which teaches us the secret power of midnight to resolve doubts and discover clarity and certainty amidst confusion.
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6.Trump and Boundaries: Border Control Lessons From Mitzrayim
What lessons can learn from our current boundary debate? This week’s Torah portion, which contains the first case study of borders (Mitzrayim means boundaries) offers us fundamental lessons, which can perhaps lend some civility to the present polarizing, and frankly distasteful, debates about American border control.
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7. What Can Dogs Teach Us About the Messiah?
The dog is called a man’s best friend. And the dog can teach us a lesson in serving our Creator. In describing the tenth plague in Egypt, which came right before the redemption, the Torah uses a highly unusual phraseology and, in so doing, refers to the dog. What does the dog have to do with the Jews’ redemption from Egypt?
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