Build Yourself an Ark: Riding the Waves of Uncertainty



What will the next few months bring? When will the pandemic and its effects come to an end? What long term impact will they have on our lives? Where are we headed? Our future has always been uncertain, but never has it been felt more than now. Among our many challenges today, uncertainty is perhaps the most debilitating one. And the conflicting messages inundating us from all directions only adds to the confusion. All the doubts and unknowns are very disconcerting.

The conventional “responses” to coping with uncertainty are either 1) denial and escapism, burying your head in the sand and ignoring the unknowns, 2) retreating in fear, remaining stuck, to the point of paralysis, or 3) seeking (sometimes desperately) unrealistic magical solutions, crystal ball gazers, fortune tellers or psychics to help foretell the future.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he offers a 4125 year-old, time-tested formula for riding through the waves of uncertainty. Discover surprisingly simple methods and tools to build an “ark” that can protect and carry you — and even help you grow — when faced with the raging floodwaters of the unknown. Learn how to look at uncertainty in the face (without denial, retreat or fantasy) and not only not be overwhelmed, but come out stronger than ever.


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