Can There Be Growth without Pain?
[Parshat Shmot]



A sad but unmistakable paradox is that loss and pain are the greatest motivators for growth. Most if not all revolutionary breakthroughs were a result or byproduct of difficulties or suffering. Comfort zones are simply inconducive for growth. When you are content you usually do not have the impetus to move forward. But does it have to be this way? Is pain our only path to greatness? Must birth be preceded by birth pangs?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Shemot workshop as he dissects the dynamics of setbacks and success; of pain and growth. While every new state requires the loss of the previous state, the key to true change is not pain, but the crack which exposes a new reality and the jolt which shifts us into a new paradigm. Discover how the Egyptian oppression ironically teaches us the secret of achieving success — the way to receive the benefits of the crack and the jolt — without the need for suffering. Learn how to achieve birthing in a painless way.


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[Parshat Shmot]”

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