Can You Control the Chaos? How To Let Go and Flow



Do you ever feel like a ship adrift at sea, floating around aimlessly, lost and unsure of where to go from here? Are you ever caught up in the chaotic quicksand of life, unable to really find your bearings and pull yourself out of the situation?

We all have moments where we find ourselves in that situation, especially during these uncertain and unpredictable times. How can we find the anchor, the stability, needed to help us ride the unpredictable waves around us? Can there be a balance between going with the flow and yet not getting lost in the process? How do we ensure that the chaos doesn’t overwhelm us, yet propels us to greater heights?

Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for an enlightening class on how to let go and flow. Learn how to navigate every possible situation that comes your way, even the most challenging. Discover the secret of flexibility and resilience, how to adjust and adapt to any circumstance. Become empowered with tools and resources to dive into uncharted territory and embrace the unknown; face the uncontrollable and find the beauty and power in not having all the answers.


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