Can You Prove God’s Existence?



God. That three letter word is fraught with more opinions, definitions, disagreements and implications than perhaps any other word we know. Much of the world and its nations have been shaped by religion and faith. Wars have been fought, people have been discriminated against and killed in the name of God or against God. Battles continue to rage until this very day about the existence of God and His role in out lives. This includes the battles between reason and faith, science and religion. There is virtually no area in life where God does not come into the picture, and where we cannot find a consensus.

We can’t even agree whether God’s existence can be proven.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this engaging talk as he challenges us to ask the biggest question of all: before we try to prove God’s existence we must first establish: How do we define God? What is considered to be legitimate proof? What role do our subjective life experiences play in our attitude to God, for good or for bad? How do our prejudices, biases and preconceived notions and stereotypes impact the way we look at God?

Discover a fresh new way to look at the oldest and most fundamental topic of all: God.


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