8 Chayei Sarah Sermons to Choose From



Get eight complete and original sermons for Parshat Chayei Sarah.

1. King or President? Messenger or Broker?
With all the controversy about the President, there are some fascinating lessons to be learned from this week’s Torah portion about the responsibility of our chosen representatives, as well as our own personal obligations. What is the role of a president: Is he a messenger of the people or is he a broker? Can he have his own agenda or is he solely representative of his constituents?
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2. Yiddishe Mamme: Lessons From The First Jewish Mother
Stereotypes abound about the “Jewish Mother.” She is a nag, a yenta, overprotective and overbearing… This stereotype is based on myth and is as far as it gets from the truth. If you want an accurate description of a true Jewish mother – emese Yiddishe Mamme – read the story of Sarah, our first matriarch.
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3. The Mother-in-Law as Supreme Model
In the first documented courting process in history, we read that Isaac compared Rebecca to his mother, Sarah. Now that flies in the face of modern conventional wisdom. Husbands of the world never compare their wives to their mothers. So why was Isaac different? The answer has to do with the three qualities one should be looking for in a potential spouse, to ensure an eternal bond.
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4. The Land of Ishmael
With all Israel’s attempts to deal with the hostile Arabs, how about trying a novel approach? In addition to doing all that is necessary to protect our innocent brothers and sisters, what is truly needed is a revolutionary education campaign – not only for the world at large, but first and foremost for the Arab world.
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5. Who Owns Israel?
Is there a solution to the challenges Israel faces from its enemies? Perhaps we can find answers in two real estate transactions, the first of which happened 3,696 years ago in Hebron, the second of which happened 2,888 years ago in Jerusalem. Why did Abraham insist on purchasing a small parcel of land in Chevron?
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6. When In-Laws Are Outlaws
A recent poll found that most people would rather pray all day Saturday in a synagogue than spend it with their in-laws. Why do in-laws get such a bad rap? What is the root of the volatile in-law relationship? It turns out that the best place to look when seeking to understand the in-law dynamic is in this week’s Torah portion. Yes, the all-embracing Torah even ventures into this domain.
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7. Your Soul-Mate
Do you believe in love forever after? The divorce rate in America is 50% but how many more couples have emotionally divorced but have never legally formalized it? Whats is the secret to an eternal marriage? The key to finding lasting love is n this week’s Torah portion, and it is about a fourth compatibility factor, which is not physical, emotional, or intellectual, but spiritual.
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8. Pittsburgh Massacre – One Year Later: What is Our Response?
A year ago, during morning services, a Jew-hating gunman stormed the Tree of Life Synagogue and opened fire on worshipers, killing eleven innocent Jews. Beyond shock and grief, how are we to respond to such unspeakable tragedy? What can we do about such hate?
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