Chayei Sarah: The Land of Ishmael



Nothing seems to be working for the Nation of Israel right now, so how about we try a novel approach?

In addition to doing all that is immediately necessary to protect our innocent brothers and sisters in Israel, what is truly needed is a revolutionary education campaign – not only for the world at large, but first and foremost for the Arab world.

Instead of temporary remedies, why don’t we envision what perfection looks like? How did the Creator of the Universe envision the Middle East, the relationship between the descendants of Isaac (i.e. Jews) and the descendants of his brother Ishmael (i.e. Arabs)?

If the Creator of the Universe – known in modern parlance as God – was standing right here (and He is), and if we were to ask Him, “What is Your vision for the Middle East?” what would His answer be?

Of course, we already know His answer. It is written in the Torah, and is actually  part of our Torah reading for this week.

Israel is the Promised Land, promised to the Jews.

But the descendants of Ishmael also have a Promised Land. What and where is it?

As there are Twelve Tribes of Israel, there are also Twelve Tribes of Ishmael. Perhaps if they understood their history, they wouldn’t be so inclined to decimate ours.


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