Coping With Illness and Difficult Challenges: How to Maintain a Positive Attitude



One of the greatest challenges in life is the ability to cope with, and remain positive in face of illness and/or other debilitating experiences. In addition to the actual problem, our attitudes play an important role in either aggravating, tempering, or mitigating the situation. Even in the most difficult of times, there is enormous benefit in maintaining dignity and balance. Optimism and hope are an important bedrock in the healing process, empowering us with the will to fight and the will to live.

But how does one muster up this courage? Find this strength? Is it dependent on how we are wired, or do we have the wherewithal to learn and acquire the tools necessary to be upbeat even while being compromised?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this workshop geared towards those who suffering, their families and friends; learn how to develop the right mind-and-heart-set to face overwhelming circumstances. Life happens – discover cognitive and emotional skills to successfully deal with any given challenge.


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