Courage To Break With Fears, Routines and Habits



Fear is one of the most debilitating — and invisible — forces that we need to contend with in life. How does one find courage to face fear? It seems like a catch-22 situation: Fear is the antithesis of courage. If you have fear, how can you muster up courage to fight fear; and if you have courage, then you have no need to fear the fear. Is there a way our of this quagmire?

All this gets more complicated when you take into consideration your being comfortable with your routines and habitual traps. Your comfort zone coupled with your fears create a formidable resistance to facing challenges and being proactive in finding solutions. Is there hope?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson, in this pre-Tisha B’Av talk, and learn how to enter into the dark abyss where our fears reside, and into the crevices where our comfort zones hold us hostage, and come away with greater strength than ever. Fear and habits contain enormous energy — but that energy is imploded and inverted, entangling us in their contorted tentacles. Discover the secret method of converting and transforming that energy into a powerful force of growth and renewal.


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