Deep Freeze: Spiritual Lessons of Cold Weather



We all know the feeling: You bundle up as much as you can, but then you walk outside in sub-zero weather and are struck by a bitter wind that pierces your very insides. Even if you are living or spending time in warmer regions, your mirror neurons can identify with the bone-chilling cold of a freezing winter day.

What are the deeper lessons of a cold freeze (presently gripping large parts of the USA)? If everything in the material world evolves from, and manifests, its spiritual archetype, what are the ethereal roots of arctic winds and frigid conditions down below? What is the psycho-spiritual DNA and sub-atomic soul of frost and ice?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson, as he, in his inimitable way, dissects the anatomy of the cold, and opens up its inner meaning and personal applications. Whether you are braving the frigid temperatures or tuning in from the warmth of your hearth, this unique talk about the Kabbalah of freezing weather, will open your eyes to a new way of looking at winter. Discover a vision which integrates all the dimensions of the the big chill — physical, scientific, psychological and spiritual — in one holistic, resonating mosaic, and come away with an awareness which will forever change the way you experience the cold. After this class you will never feel the chill out there quite the same.


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