Do I Live to Work or Work to Live?



Have you ever stopped to ask yourself: Who am I as opposed to what is my occupation? Do I know how to live, or only how to work? Does my personality and identity define my work or does my work define my identity? If I take away my profession, who actually am I at my essential core?

Most of our adult lives are preoccupied with work. But to what end? Do you have a mission that is driving the details of your life? Is your self defined by your net worth – or by other external factors such as appearances, status etc? Often we get so caught up in what we do, we forget who we are without that. If someone were to ask “Who are you?” would you have a response other than what you do for a living?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a vital discussion on finding yourself, your true, inner self and how to use that self toward a greater purpose. Learn how YOU and your life mission must define and dictate your life and work, and not have life and work dictate who you are.


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