Do We Need a New Type of Jewish Leadership Today?



Are you among the many who feel we are suffering from a crisis of leadership today? We have administrators, fundraisers, CEO’s, presidents, directors, heads of companies and institutions — — many of them quite efficient at their jobs — but there seems to be something fundamental lacking.

This vacuum is acutely pronounced when it comes to Jewish leadership — or for that matter, any form of religious or spiritual leadership — in our times. Regardless of leadership in the past, are our present leaders addressing the unique and prevailing needs of our day and age? Is their message resonating with our young? Much can certainly be learned from true leadership role models of the past — beginning with Moses and his successors in subsequent generations. But are we learning from, and emulating, them? Are we adapting the time-tested methods to our modern challenges and obstacles? Are we providing the next generation with a viable and compelling option in the competing marketplace of ideas and ideologies? Are we offering them a vision for the future — not just a maintenance plan; a proactive approach, not a reactive one; offense, not merely defense.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson for a fascinating exploration of the very need and nature of leadership. Take a journey through the corridors of history, comparing different leadership models throughout the ages. Come away with the true definition of a leader and what we can do to make a difference in expecting and creating the highest possible quality leaders.


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