Do You Control Your Destiny?



By the time you are old enough to make independent decisions most of your life has been determined by others — your home and parents, your education and culture, your environment and social status. All these factors and forces — especially those impacting your formative years — have shaped who you are. Take into account the circumstances we have no control over — your joys and pains, your health and life experiences — it seems that your life has been all but predetermined.

Each of us is thus presented with the big question: Do you have any control over your destiny? Is there anything we can do once we have been dealt a certain deck of cards?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson and discover a fascinating four-step plan how to gain control over your life. Learn how to separate yourself from your experiences, with specific tools how to navigate the coordinates that have defined your life and anything that comes your way. Remember: Even if you don’t control the events around you, you totally control your attitude and your manner of dealing with them.


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