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Ep. 234: How Much to Reveal About a Potential Shidduch?



Addressing the Personal and Emotional Needs of Our Community and Answering the Most Pressing Questions of Our Lives — from the Perspective of Chassidic Thought

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• Tragedy in Pittsburgh – follow-up 15:33
• Chassidus Applied to Rosh Chodesh Kislev and Toldos 8:44
• Lessons from the Kinus HaShluchim 0:52
• What can I do about my fears and anxieties? 37:58
• How much to reveal about a potential shidduch? 43:28
• Can we erase negative memories? 51:30
• What is the Rebbe’s approach to celebrating a bas mitzvah? 55:30
• Chassidus question: Does the concept of shlichus have a source in Chassidus? 01:01:19
• My Life 2018 essays:
o The Land of Israel, 71, Bitzalel Malamud, Pittsburgh, PA 01:06:48
o I Am HAMAN, Tzvi Schwartz, 32, Granada Hills, CA 01:08:15
o The Ultimate King, Rochel Cohen, 21, Brooklyn, NY 01:08:58


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