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Ep. 239: Are We Doing All We Can to Empower Women Today?



Addressing the Personal and Emotional Needs of Our Community and Answering the Most Pressing Questions of Our Lives — from the Perspective of Chassidic Thought

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• Chassidus Applied to Zos Chanukah and Parshas Vayigash 0:17
• Are we doing all we can to empower women today? 22:57
• How does someone know what he’s capable of? 36:19
• If one’s “containers” are not aligned with their spiritual “light” (due to a chemical imbalance, as an example), can the container be trained to regulate and adjust itself to its spiritual capacity? 42:45
• Is there a difference how one would treat depression in a Jew and in a non-Jew? 47:44
• What can I do about same gender attraction? 51:07
• Follow-up (episode 235): Homosexuality 55:49
• Chassidus question: What can we learn from Yosef’s mistake by relying on the butler to mention him to Pharaoh, instead of just trusting Hashem? Aren’t we supposed to make a vessel for G-d’s blessings? 57:34
• My Life 2018 essays:
o Peripheral or Primary: Two Paradigms for Life, Yossi Grossbaum, 38, Folsom, CA 01:05:18
o Attaining Inner Happiness, Sara Chyrek, 16, Brooklyn, NY 01:07:02
o Unknown Identity Syndrome, Mendel Brackman, 20, Westminster, CO 01:08:08


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