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Ep. 258: Poway Shooting on Acharon Shel Pesach – How Should We React?



Addressing the Personal and Emotional Needs of Our Community and Answering the Most Pressing Questions of Our Lives — from the Perspective of Chassidic Thought

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  • Chassidus Applied to Isru Chag Pesach, Chof Ches Nissan and Acharei
  • Poway shooting on Acharon Shel Pesach – how should we react?
  • Are the Rebbe’s words on 28 Nissan still relevant today, or did we miss an opportunity?
  • What’s the practical difference between the existence and the revelation of Moshiach?
  • What guidelines can we use to find the right yeshiva for our child?
  • Why not send children to non-Chabad schools which produce better results?
  • Can we make a connection between two negative events that happened in the same location?
  • How can we begin to daven the way Chassidus expects of us? Prayer continued
  • Follow-up (episodes 256-257):
    • Internet addictions
    • Learning all parts of Torah
  • Chassidus question: What is bittul and how can I begin to perceive Hashem and His unity in the right way instead of some obscure concept?
  • My Life 2019 essay contest winners:
    • Ageless, Ayelet Skinner, 48, Southfield, MI
    • The Chassidic Method of Dealing with Fear, Ariel Nevei, 44, Beitar Illit, Israel
    • The Essential Yes of a Strong No, Mushka Silberberg, 22, Lincolnwood, IL
    • Rediscovering the Joy of Giving – from Self-Love to Selfless Love, Aidel Cohen, 24, Brooklyn, NY


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