Fear is the Enemy of Success



Fear is one of the most powerful and misunderstood forces in our lives. It’s formidable impact on virtually all our decisions, and lack of decisions, is compounded by the fact that fear is invisible and silent. You can’t see or touch it. And you certainly can’t measure it. Even though we feel, at times, palpable fright, most of fear’s effects on our behavior cannot easily be traced to fear. We often justify our indecisiveness and lack of commitment with other reasons and excuses than fear, even though fear may be the root cause of our tentativeness.

Can we quantify how much fear impedes our ability to grow and succeed? How can we overcome our fears?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he takes us on a journey into the roots of the abyss called fear, where does it originate and how can we reverse its effects on us. Discover ways to counter fear and develop the courage embedded within your spirit to free yourself of fears tentacles. Learn how you are never alone, and that there are powerful forces that travel with you even into the darkest shadows.


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