Feeling Alone: What It Tells You About Your Spirituality



Inside each one of us there is a place in which we are all alone. Even those that love us and those we love, even those we trust and open up to, cannot fully enter that core center of our beings — the space that defies words, expressions and definitions. After all our relationships and interactions, after all our partying and fireworks, even when we may not feel all alone, at the end of the day a part of us walks alone.

Is that alone space an asset or a liability? Does it reflect our uniqueness and exclusivity, or our inadequacy and lack of self-esteem? What does feeling alone tell you about the state of your spirit and psyche?

Ostensibly, loneliness may manifest as one who does not have any friends, family, or acquaintances. It may also take on the form of emotional loneliness, which stems from someone feeling no meaningful relationships or connections in life. However, there is a loneliness that exists even in the face of healthy personal relationships. It may be called existential loneliness or spiritual loneliness. It is the sense of longing that cannot be achieved through any type of social interaction.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this penetrating talk on the essential essence of our beings. Are we fundamentally social creatures or lonely ones? Discover how to distinguish between different types of loneliness, and how to harness negative loneliness and transform it into a transcendent experience. Learn ways to celebrate your loneliness — and even the loneliness of others; how to love in new ways, loving not just the things that you have in common with your beloved, but also the things that make you unique. Find out how to connect with another’s loneliness, and become alone… together.


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